Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Okay, it's been awhile. But, hey, it's Christmas.

Let's see: done - presents to family, present to Joe, presents to Mike, presents to Chris, presents to co-workers

not done- presents to neighbors, present to Rosemary (well, it's 1/2 done), present to mailcarrier, cards to aunts, cards to card exchange, wrapped presents to James & clan

presents received: FE gift cert (From Joe), 2 corduroy vests (forest green & dark red) from Dad & step-mom, 2 pairs of earrings (from Chris, turquoise & silver & then emerald & gold), multi-strand necklace (from Marck & kin), jacket/sweater (ditto), bug sweeper (from Mike - long story), target gift card (Mom), tea stick (Kathy & Dad), Oh My Stars (from Rosemary), & a pair of olive wood praying hands.

tatting: snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes

books: Don of the Dead, The Chick & the Dead, Tombs of Endearment, Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel, Crazy in Love, & half of Death & Thraxas. Also read Cursor's Fury, before I gave it to Chris (cause I wasn't sure if he already had it or not; turned out he didn't even knew it was out).

I had a couple lightheaded events recently. Rosemary told me that that's symptom of diabetes. Oh. Yay. That reminds me, time to check WebMD. Well, that says that dehydration is a common symptom (along with bleeding but I know that's not it). It was probably a combination of hunger & dehydration.

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