Monday, December 03, 2007

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What a weekend. Friday night sucked. I mean, there are a few ways that it could have been worse, but it takes effort to find them. Everything was going smoothly, until the 3rd bus never showed. I waited for 2 hours, in the cold & dark (sun set 30 minutes after I arrived, no streetlights, temperature dropped, next to 4-lane road with moderate to heavy traffic). I was dressed okay for a 20-30 minute wait. Not for a 2-hour one. My toes were starting to get numb when I finally gave up, made arrangements, and headed for the nearest warm building.

books: Venus Versus Virus vol 2, Key to the Kingdom vol 2, re-read Knight of a Trillion Stars and read The Raveled Sleeve Friday night.

Saturday was the Greyhawk Ruins game. It was at Richard's and Kathy wasn't feeling well. As a result, I ended up with a lap full of baby for a perceptible percentage of the game. It was less important for me to take notes than it was for Richard to be able to run the game. Due to technical issues, we only got part of the way through the 2nd adventure. We'll finish up as much as possible this upcoming Saturday. At least Kash got to 2nd level (time to start using 2 swords).

We did manage to stop by FE on the way home (so I picked up my Manga order). I've only read 2 of them so far.

Sunday was Rosemary's cookie party and the last Forgotten Realms game of the year. First we baked cookies to send to her grandmother (who isn't feeling well). She probably won't be able to have any but at least she'll know that we were thinking of her. We had mulled cider & mulled mead to each with the cookies & chips. We started playing after the baking. It was a nasty little fight.

After the game, Kathy, Richard & Mya joined us for supper. Rosemary got lasagna, appetizers and sides from Olive Garden and we chowed down. We had a great time, good food & great company. For dessert we had tiramisu from this great new deli that opened near Rosemary.

I still didn't do my laundry.

tatting: I started Jane's tree & realized that I need some way to get the beads onto the picots for the joins. I'm not sure what to do next.

Clothes: Saturday & Sunday it was jeans and tennis shoes. Saturday it was a Geoff t-shirt but Sunday I wore a turtleneck & my holiday vest. Today it's black slacks & shoes, same belt, watch & hematite band, onyx pendant, black stone ring, black knit top embroidered with white Roman numerals & gold studs, triangular white shell earrings rimmed in black (I've never worn them before) & braided hair.

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