Monday, April 13, 2009

I Saw Deer
Friday I got a few things done but not all the things that I wanted to do. I failed to get anything to the thrift shop like I had planned. I did add a few things to that collection, though.

Friday night we had what I think of as a summer shower; short, intense, and with lots of thunder & lightning. We needed the rain.

Saturday, we went to David's house to play Living Forgotten Realms, the special. On the way, in Raleigh, I spotted a deer in a clearing not far from the road. As I looked at it, I saw a second one. There may even have been more under the trees. Not bad for an area that is at least surburban, although not what I would consider really urban.

The game went pretty well. Rosemary had her usual lousy dice luck. Nonetheless, no one died and my 'drow' rogue is now 4th level. We didn't have a full table, either but it was okay. We had fun, that's the important part.

Sunday was quiet. We watched taped shows and played games. We went from about 80% full to only about 45%. Some of it was learning that both of us had watched a particular show & it could be deleted.

Kord Mandoon is pretty funny. It's not exactly intellectually stimulating but it's funny. The only problem is that the first episode seemed like it was a few episodes into the show, not the pilot. I guess that means it feels more 'real' in that it has a past. Theoretically that means that it also has a future.

I'm still trying to read the gamebook The Secret of Zir'An. The setting is interesting but the system is driving me nuts.

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