Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend with Mom
did not start well. I woke up with a migraine (love those ever-changing weather fronts). Plus I could not find the charger cord for my Tomtom. I ended up leaving about 3 hours later than I'd planned. I finally got there & we went to lunch at Panera's. Remind me: the chipotle mayo is too spicy for me. I managed to finish my delicious sandwich, with the help of 2 smoothies.

We hit the consignment shop and found a couple skirts; still none with a pointed hem *pout*. I also found a couple more pairs of pants. Ran into a young lady whose clothes sense really disturbed Mom. The young lady was a little punkish; extra long jeans ~held up by black legwarmers; fuschia tutu edged with lime green; green striped tie; t-shirt & blue streaks in her hair. I thought she looked very individual, personally.

Sunday we went to McKay's, taking 6 books to trade in. I brought back 3 (including 2 gamebooks) plus 2 for Mom. Mom brought back 9. What can I say, the free shelf was really spiffy.

I was so tired when I got home that after I washed my hair, I barely managed to stay awake until 9 pm. I did have a slightly easier time of waking up this morning, at least. I remembered, barely in time, that my clock had reset for Daylight Savings on Sunday.

I got only a little bit of tatting done. I spent most of the time, talking with mom, shopping, eating & reading together; plus a little bit of tv. Mom had to catch her shows on Saturday night. PBS from 8 pm to 10 pm, sometimes until 11 pm, depending on the week.

I wore the shoes that I bought with Mom the last time that we went shopping. They felt a little tight at first but I, or the shoes, soon adjusted. I was glad to have them. It was mizzling this morning and I wanted a bit more foot coverage than my Mary Janes provide.

And it's that time of year. The puddles are all edged with yellow-green of pollen. The asphalt walkway was yellowish, except for the hash marks left by someone on roller blades. The trees are trying to mate with everything in sight & I'm scared to sit outside.

Additional note about the weather. It was gorgeous this weekend, sunny and in the 70's (Fahrenheit). Tomorrow they're talking about a hard freeze in the morning. Love NC spring.

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Tia said...

"The trees are trying to mate with everything in sight & I'm scared to sit outside"

BWHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHHA....soooo true, pollen season starts here in about 2-3 weeks