Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack, Did Ya Miss Me?
Or yes, my home internet has gone wonky and unreliable. That means that I am only online while at or near work. Since my employers have expectations, that really cuts down on the amount of time that I can work on my blog or read the blogs of others. I feel dreadfully, dreadfully out of touch.

I have finished tatting two more of Rebecca/Tatmom03's crosses; one burgundy & one off-white. I think I will tat a blue one next. It's my version of having a casserole (it's a Southern thing) in the freezer.

I was hoping to join Anitra at a local park for their heritage day last week. Alas, I spent the time cleaning and making trips to the thrift shops, donating not buying this time.

Gaming has been going pretty well. Met a couple people new to RPGA last night. I hope that we provided a fun game for them. I got to play my very old drow again.

I'm supposed to go see Mom again tomorrow. That is in jeopardy because I really started coughing this morning. It's gotten worse & I feel like three kinds of um, [mild expletive deleted].

Maybe Monday I can post pictures of the crosses that I've made. I want to also take a picture of my cleavage (what there is of it) as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Don't worry, I'll put a warning in the header.

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