Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NC State Fair & Tatting goodies
Warning: this post is picture heavy

Actually this is a jacket that I did years ago. It's a man's jacket with calico roses appliques.

Stump of the tree that used to shade my bus stop.

Rides at the fair, reflected in the mill pond

State Fair tatted entries (or entries with tatting) I don't know who made any of these. But I like looking at them.
It's hard to see, but that cloth on the right (pillowcase maybe) has a row of tatting with ribbon running through it.

This one is pretty, but I wish that it was mounted on a darker color.

I think that it's a tatted lady

Sorry about the glare. I think the piece in the back is a skirt with tatting on the front of it. In front of the skirt is, I think, a tatted collar.

The category was 'Angels.' This one has tatted wings, stiffened with wire, with a matching halo & trim on the bottom of her dress.

I made some lace for my pocket; it's pearl size 5 made by the Star company. The thread is older than I am & might be my Mom's age. The pattern is from p 29 of A Tatter's Workbook. She didn't have it as a trim, but more as a single point, so I had to join the 'points'.

That's more than enough for now, right?


Isdihara said...

Oh yes! Lots of wonderful eye candy. Thanks for sharing your photos from the fair.

❦TattingChic said...

Thanks for showing all the tatting you found at the fair! That angel with the tatted wings is cute. I like that idea.