Thursday, October 01, 2009

Banned Book Week
What book that has been challenged, have you read?

I've read several of them; some because they were required in some class or other and some for pleasure. Some I've liked & re-read, several times. Some I couldn't stand (I still hate Lord of the Flies, partially because of my own expectations before I read it).

Family stuff:
I went to see my mom this past weekend. We had a nice visit & drove to the family reunion on Sunday. We were a little late, but everyone else was still eating. Aunt Lillian was happy to see us, she'd almost given up. This reunion is for my grandfather's family; he was one of 12. There were not as many kinfolk there this time but I did meet a cousin who's also working on genealogy. I need to send him what I've gathered so far.

We have doorprizes at the family reunion and I made one of tatmom03's crosses, in cream perle 8. It's one of my favorite patterns. My uncle Sherwood won it. I've made another one, so that I'll have it on hand when/should I need it.

I'm still making progress on my edging. I have 1 full side (or 2 half sides) & 1 corner yet to do.

Thanks to the state fair deadline moving up two weeks, I missed the deadline again this year. This time I missed it by 5 minutes, also known as the time spent to check that I had the right category. Not that I'm bitter, much.

I've been reading the Pathfinder rules. It's sort of D&D 3.7, sort of. 4th ed D&D is okay, but it just doesn't grab me the way that the 1st edition (aka AD&D) & 3rd edition did. As a result, I'm looking at other games to play for when I go to conventions; Shadowrun Missions, WitchHunter & now Pathfinder.

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