Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti & other matters

Here are two other craft people who are doing a little something for Haiti; Shore-House Chic and Reclaimed Home. Both are running auctions, the former for a tote & the latter for a necklace, in which the winning bid goes to a charity for Haiti. Proof of donation sent to the artist has her shipping the item to the winner, at no further cost to the winner. Isn't that just nifty.

I could not find any solid Olympus #40 thread to go with the multicolor that I used for the 1st 2 days of the Jane's TIAS. Talking with A on the phone, I had the brainstorm to just start over; in a thread that did match. I found some multicolor size 10, along with a couple balls of solids color.

Here's original Day 1

And here's the new Day 1 & 2

Along with Day 3 & Day 4

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