Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm in a Funk

Which is soooo much fun for the people around me. Luckily, that amounts to none, right now. I'll do what I can to get out of it by the time C gets home tonight.

I'm 2 days behind on the TIAS. I suddenly realized that I don't know if I have any solid color thread the same size as the multicolor that I used. Some days it doesn't feel worthwhile to have gnawed through the straps. I have thread that might be the same size, but it's a different number, by a different company, from a different I just don't know. My eye isn't good enough to see more than obvious differences.

I could moan & groan about the little things that have gone amiss today, but next to what's happening in Haiti, I have it so good it seems ridiculous to complain. By the way, if you're wondering what you can do; here are links to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. If you have text capabilities on your phone then you can ext "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to RedCross relief efforts in Haiti ($10 posts on your bill, Std msg rates apply). Or you can text YELE to 501 501 and $5 will be donated to help those in Haiti.  

There are a lot of people doing little things (this week, $5 from each sale by this Etsy vendor goes to help Haiti)  and that will add up to a lot. And Jeri Smith is donating a copy of her book, Bad to the Bone, to the 1st 20 people who donate $15 to MSF (Doctors w/o Borders).

Speaking of 'I don't really have it bad', a friend of mine has been spending time since New Year's at hospital etc. He's the primary care giver for his mother. She's in good shape, for her age; and that's the key phrase. Anyway, she fell December 30th and broke her other hip. As a result, she was in surgery New Year's Day. Now isn't that a crappy way to spend a holiday.

I'm driving down to see Mom this weekend. She's staying with her sister at the coast and hopefully her sister from Miami has come north (kinda bad timing, temperature-wise). I have Monday off and that means I can stay 2 nights instead of just Saturday night.

My namesake has been enjoying her Wednesday presents. Although her father is not too happy about the glow in the dark (plastic of course) scimitar. She's not quite old enough for live steel, although she should get her own pocketknife soon, IMHO.

I've been reading The Double Daring Book for Girls. I wish I'd had this when I was kid. As it is, I'm sorry, niece, I'm keeping this copy. I've already used one bit to use an old map (instead of a paper grocery bag) to make a book cover. I'd forgotten how to do that, which seems a pity, because it's soooo easy.

I'm worried (not in a tear-my-hair-out stress and panic way) about my iPod mini. It's 5 years old, or maybe more, years old and I think that battery is on its last legs. I had it fully charged yesterday but it only lasted through about 5 songs this morning and died. Maybe, just maybe, I had it accidentally turned on in my coat pocket. I'll keep better track tonight and we'll see.

No pictures today. Maybe in my next post.

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