Thursday, February 04, 2010

Recent tatting:
Here's a snowflake. I wonder how long I had it on the shuttle, just one join from completion?

And here's the 'edging'.

It's a modified Hen and Chicks pattern. (okay, so the link goes to a tatted cross, but it's based on hen and chicks, too, a bit more obviously)

Speaking of tatting, here's a whole library of antique patterns. Before you buy that CD of old patterns, check to see if they are available for free.

Two things I want to try: a fabric note with envelope and a photo kaleidoscope.

And I want to buy some bags at wrapsacks.

Tonight is Mutants and Masterminds. We miss Troll and Kodachrome (same player, 2 different character; she retired the former to the city on the moon) and um, Captain Nightlight (not the hero's name; player got job whose hours interfered with the game). We did gain two new players. The Freedom League roster is now Lady Celtic (R), The Wraith (C), Totem (me), Dr. Marvelous (N), Fury (T), & Prometheus (R2). The last two are the new characters.

Shh, don't tell my SO, but I won a signed book from Jim Hines. I say don't tell him, because it's going to be his Valentine's Day present. We don't usually do the typical candy, flowers or jewelry. For example, the first Valentine's present that he gave me was a book on how to draw manga. I was so thrilled. Even in memory, it's an 'awwwwww' moment.

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