Friday, February 05, 2010

Weather & donating books

We've had almost an inch of rain since midnight. No wonder we have flash flood warnings.

Oh, here's where you can donate books for Haiti literacy.

I got to bed late after the game last night. Which is mildly ironic since we managed to negotiate our way out of the big fight. The bad guy was more of a criminal than a villain and we brokered a deal; he made reparations for the damage that he had done with his video game (player"s avatars were really commiting crimes by using solid light projections). He also had to work for the government as part of his parole. However, his assets would not be seized (he had made a fortune with his MMURPG), and the government would be sort of renting his technology insteado of seizing it. Kind of caught the GM (D) on the hop. He had to extemporize the next adventure.

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