Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Weekend

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I did get a couple things done. What made it a great weekend was some fun gaming (D&D 4e, mini campaign thing) on Sunday and then taking Dave M out, quite belatedly, for his birthday. Plus, I finished that pair of grey wristlets that I started after Christmas.

I made another Kiva loan today. This is my 8th one. Four of them are already repaid & two of the are about 80% repaid. I'm on two Kiva teams, UNC & eTatters.

Very interesting article for writers, on writing the Other (racial, ethnic, gender, etc).
Fantastic photographs of insects
These headbands look interesting & maybe they wouldn't tear my hair like so many headbands do.

And thanks to Craftzine, I'm collecting lots of neat projects.
Here's one for a fabric covered portfolio.
I never thought of this, an egg cozy; simple project & cute
Looking for new & unusual ways to wrap presents? I really like the woven magazine page wrap.
Light transmitting concrete? What will they think of next?

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