Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day Is Approaching

I've been torn about what to get my mother. On the one hand she doesn't need any more stuff, but I want to get her something. I suddenly remembered what I got her last year. This year, I bought her something similar; a clean childbirth kit for Burmese Midwives. I thought about getting a chicken or something from Heifers International but decided this was more 'motherly.'

Tatting: Using Jane Eborall's beaded picot instructions, I did a test of a bracelet design. I started with the plain rings on the left with simple split rings. At the 4th ring I added a bead on the picot, holding the picot 'open' with a paper clip. On the 6th picot, I did another one, but couldn't find another paperclip. I managed to use the same one.

I was too impatient to delay until I got more paperclips, so I doubled back and did the 'other' side of the bracelet. I made certain that the join worked and declared the test successful.

I've started the real bracelet now. I put a picot on the first ring; so I'll have a place to put the jump ring and fastener. I've also started single picot rings before I get to the point that I'll add beads. The bracelet will be assisted by the fact that I bought a pack of paperclips to hold the picots.

My scrunchy is on hold. I'll pick it up when I need some more brain dead tatting.

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