Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day Report Plus Pathfinder Weekend

Mom loved her present. I printed out the certificate to make a card and added a mother's joke inside. The joke was The Mama Test: She enjoyed the joke and shared it with her sisters (Aunt Dot & Aunt Shirley, Aunt Carole couldn't make it).

Websites that I found interesting:
Oh, Random Pulp Fiction Titles website. These are reallyfunny. Perfect for Spirit of the Century

Here's a fantastic time lapse video, that volcano in Iceland.

And an entertaining speech to high school graduates from Jaret Reddick's blog (Bowling for Soup).

Thrifting Kit (I like this idea, have to share with mom)

A great, fantastic post on one author's writing process

Funny shopping post: SHOPPING MAN. The sad/funny thing, my BF is a very good shopper.

New, less polluting ways, of making bricks are being developed. This one has a lot of potential, if they solve that pesky poisoning the groundwater problem.

Oooh, Oseberg ship. I'd vaguely heard of this. Now I want to learn more.

Ooh, giveaway for sewing, crafting stuff.

Pathfinder Society is retiring some year 0 adventures on the 24th. This past weekend, we got together and played three of them. Three of us ate (ran without playing it first) a module. We had a pretty good time. The only drawback that I had is that all of us had previously played, with those characters, together. We didn't do character introductions, which I have learned makes it a little harder for me to 'get into character.'

On the bright side, my druid is 7th level now & her tiger Blake has reached his full growth. Now I need for her to find/buy a collar of animal reduction. It's a lot easier to travel with a medium tiger than a large one.

Next weekend I'll be near Fayetteville on Saturday for Harmony Hall's Living History Weekend. I won't be there all weekend because frankly, it's too tiring. I drive down Friday night, after work. I'm there, tatting, on Saturday. I drive home Saturday night. It's usually hot and I'm in c. 1812 dress.

I've almost finished my bracelet. I only need to (locate and) add the findings.

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