Friday, July 16, 2010

Viral Video and a Car Scare

Net Stuff
Do you know who Isaiah Mustafa is? If you watch TV, you probably do; even if you only know him as 'that Old Spice guy'. There's an entire YouTube channel devoted to his videos (including a wedding proposal and one supporting libraries).

Here's a parody of one, by New Spice guy. It's really, really funny.

Life Stuff
Last night, I met some friends and we went to see The Last Airbender movie. It's sort of obvious that they were squeezing an entire season of half-hour shows into 1 hr 45 minutes (including credits, I think). Certain characters were whitewashed, too which I found distracting. It's still not the worst movie that I've ever seen and the action sequences were entertaining.

When we got back to my friend's house, my car was no longer parked in front. All that I had with me: my journal, my tatting, my wallet, and my phone. My laptop, camera, work id, checkbook, house keys, and bus pass were all in the car. PANIC! Distress! Then Chris and I both spotted it, a couple houses down the street, on the other side and up on the curb. I checked it. All the doors were locked and the parking brake was on. It was not in gear and the brake was not pulled up to its fullest extent. My best guess? The brake didn't hold and it rolled to where it stopped. Here's the incredibly lucky part: no damage. The car is fine. It didn't hit the mailbox that it landed right next to. The only 'damage' was some crushed grass between the curb and the sidewalk. Blows me mind.

Ironically, I need to pay the property taxes on my car. Today probably. I plan to get my car inspected tomorrow.

Tatting Stuff
I've gotten more tatting done. I'm more than halfway through the Angelica second wing. It's going to require some major blocking.

I'm trying to decide what to make for my State Fair entry. Ideas: doily, necklace/bracelet, framed heart. I bought some DMC 12, three balls of coordinating colors and some coordinated seed beads last night from Lazy Daizy.


Kelly said...

hmmm, sorry Last Airbender was a bit of a disappointment. If it was only one season are they planning more movies for the others?

Sewicked said...

I've -heard- that they plan to do the entire series but I don't know for certain.