Friday, August 20, 2010

Gaming, Tatting & Visiting Mom

We started creating/rolling our Traveller characters last night. With the Mongoose edition, you no longer run the risk of your character dying during the generational process, although mine did end up badly scarred. We were running late so the 'how our characters know each other' stuff is going to be handled over email. Ri & T are going to Dragoncon so we won't be playing in 2 weeks, instead we'll play in 3 weeks.

Mom's birthday was Saturday. I finally bought her present on Friday. I bought uniforms and school supplies for two girls in Afghanistan. Mom really likes that sort of gift; it doesn't add to her 'stuff' quotient. We had a nice visit. We hit the thrift shops and I found four pairs of pants for work. Of course, I forgot them at her house. *sigh*

I'm going to Palmetto Tat Days next weekend. I'm so excited. Plus, they asked me to be a teacher's assistant for a couple of the classes that I'm taking. More excitement. I've done the bracelet & it turned out fabulous (link is to a picture on flickr). I'm not as happy with the pendant that I made, but only because of poor color choice.

Here's a dragonfly that I spotted yesterday.

Oh, want to see some turn of the (19th) century pictures of Russia, in color? Go here.

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