Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pictures, Finally

Because I've had a hard time loading them. I finally got the camera to work and to find the reader, now I can't get them to the blog; or anywhere else.
Here's the bookmark that I made for the literacy program at work. The pattern is by Karey Solomon, from an old Tatting Times. The thread is DMC size 12.

The bracelet that I made for my namesake. I bought a little bracelet with plastic beads for $1. I still have a few flowers left, but the rest of the round beads. The thread is perle 5, by Star. The pattern is my own, using Jane E's beaded picot method.

Bookmark, from DMC Book of Needlework. I made a slight error, the center chains are supposed to be twice as long and join in the center. I like it better this way. DMC size 12 perle.

Cross bookmark from Rebecca Jones's Complete Book of Tatting. Same thread.

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Isdihara said...

Love your photos - bookmark, bracelet and cross! So glad you are able to upload now.