Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Sigh

I had a rocking time at Palmetto Tat Days! I made it to Anitra's house later than I had planned. My car key slipped off the key ring/fob and I spent half an hour or so looking for it. Chris finally found it just under my car on the passenger side.

I met Anitra's and Steve's new dog: Yoko. They have reason to believe that she had been abused in the past. Now they know something of the physical type of her abuser. She growled and barked at me whenever I was in sight; except for a few minutes when I was feeding her treats. She even snapped at me once. I just kept my distance from her, my presence obviously stressed her.

Anitra and I left early Thursday morning. I showed off my bracelet
I'd show you a picture if I could

That afternoon, as I looked for the bracelet, to show Martha, I couldn't find it. Anitra and I looked through my tatting gear, my bags, etc; even went through her car. There was no sign of it. I started a new bracelet with the thread that I had; variegated green with dark green beads.
(again, pictures won't load)
I found it Friday morning, with my jewelry. Bright side, I had one complete bracelet and one partial bracelet to show in class.

On the trip down, I finished my amulet bag. I just had to finish the neck cord; I put in a split ring to add a new thread when the thread on my shuttle ran out.

I took Erin H's onion ring guitar (there was more to the name, it was very Elvis, but I don't remember) class. I think I finally know how to do an onion ring. Yay me & Yay Erin. My guitar soundbox is rather floral rather than smoothly rounded.
(yep, still no picts)

I took Sharren M's Southern Star class. I was doing well and had almost finished one repeat when a knot unflipped and the Self-Closing Mock Ring was not so ring-like. I ended up retro-tatting. There's a floating ring so I'm not sure whether I should just start over. I had to put it aside to get some other projects done.

I did finish the thyme leaf pattern that was in our packets. I finished the green bracelet and started a bracelet from Martha's kit; navy blue with dark 'oil slick' beads.

The food was great, if not exactly low-cal. The scenery was lovely. The convention center was very close to the middle of nowhere, at least three times on the way there, Anitra & I thought that we might have missed the turn.

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