Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Time Had, After a Lousy Lead-in

Last night was a birthday supper for one of the Davids. We were meeting in Raleigh, because everyone else lives or works in Raleigh and it was where that David wanted to go. I got directions online, because I'd never been to that restaurant. It was to take about half an hour, figure about 40 minutes with traffic. I left at about 6:15, to get there by 7 pm. Except.

I got stuck on the on-ramp. I checked the clock; 6:21 pm. After 10 minutes, I'd gone approximately 1 mile and I had seen a sign that said 'major delays for the next 3 miles. I called to let folks know that I was caught in traffic and I'd be late. 40 minutes later, I was finally going more than 20 miles an hour. It took me 50 minutes to go those 4 miles. Ugh. The rest of the trip only took 25 minutes. I got there as the appetizers were being served and quickly placed my order. Luckily, I'd looked at the menu online and had an idea what I wanted already.

There were enough of us that I didn't get much interaction with the other end of the table but I did have a great time with the three people near me, plus a couple interjections from the folks in the middle. I shared this video with RW (mild swearing). Warning, if you follow the link, put down your food and drink. Really. I mean it.

After the supper, it was off to stay with A and S. A and I will go to the bead show together & from there it's the tatting meeting. Squee!


Isdihara said...

Glad to hear you ultimately made it to your party destination and enjoyed the rest of the evening. (in spite of the [] traffic)

Thank you for the warning, I enjoyed the video very much!

shannon_in_love said...

wow! that video was something else. thanks for saying something about it or else i would have never saw it. I really needed a laugh today. thanks :)