Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Quickie

I suddenly realized I hadn't posted anything this week. Eep.

We took the SO out for supper at a Brazilian steakhouse Friday night. Much nomminess.

I helped A.S. at her booth over the weekend. I sold two bracelets and got a commission for another one and for a glasses 'chain.'

Monday, three of us went to the fair. My bracelet got nothing. Pout. But one of the local tatters (Triangle Tatters) got a blue for her scarf with a tatted edging. So that's good.

I finished the commissioned bracelet and it's gorgeous. Woman has fabulous eye for color.
Promise of Wine 

Today was employee appreciation at work. I made a tiny snowflake for someone's Christmas card (active or retired military person). Gotta go. Time for my bus.

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