Monday, October 03, 2011

Heritage Day at Oak View

The first Saturday in October is the Wake County Park System Heritage Day. I spent the day at Oakview. Along with other members of the Triangle Tatters.
This was across the path from us.
Lovely lads, aren't they.They're brothers.

The weather was gorgeous, if a bit chilly. I was glad I had brought a blanket, I used it to cover my legs and loaned it to another tatter at one point.

These gents went marching by. I learned to 'hear' the order 'elevate; fire!'. It was the only warning they were about to fire.
Here are some items I had displayed:

I also had an incomplete bracelet, my incomplete bangle bracelet (I have the thread, I just need to finish), a bookmark and some size 80 thread with edging. Carol made about 70 bookmarks with a little flower glued to a strip of cardstock with a note about the Tri Tatters facebook page on the back. They were gone by about 2 pm.

I bought some lye soap, a soy candle and a little bag. Neither the soap seller nor the candle maker had any in kudzu blossom scent. Quelle dommage. {Hmm, I wonder if I spelled that correctly, college French was a long time ago.}

Here are some cloud pictures; which is better, with or without the lamp?

What about framed by buildings?
Or just bare sky?

Wow, you're still reading? Sunday was not as exciting. It was 'fix the boyfriend's closet' and run errands day.


Michelle said...

The French teacher in me says, "Chapeau!"

(Well done, hat's off to you!" Quelle dommage = 100%)

Michelle said...

I liked the cloud pictures too