Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DST recovery

It takes me about a week to recover from the change in Daylight Savings Time. Suddenly, I'm waking up in the dark again. Add recovery from a cold (yes, it's lingering in the form of an occasional cough) in with that and I am dragging.

This is the book Louise sent me. She's the wife of Dad's college roommate. It's circa 1946. I sent her a thank you card over the weekend.

This is the other book I got in the mail. I supported the kickstarter for it. And then found out the writer works on campus, too.

2 ogres down, 4 more and an ettin to go

This is from our game Saturday. That hand belongs to our wizard, whose figure is almost visible behind his forearm. He was measuring his range for a spell. Next to the ettin are the other three of us. The dwarf fighter had just finished two ogres and was coming to help us. It was a 'good fight' as another player puts it. I was at half hit points most of the fight. The game is Pathfinder. This Saturday, I'll be playing Mermaid Adventures, with almost the same crowd.

After the game, we went to Casa San Carlo. Their food is so good. For once, I did not have the blue crab ravioli. I had the portobello ravioli in marsala wine sauce.

Red sky in morning, Sailor take warning

The mother of a friend from high school is sick. As in, she's in the hospital sick. She used to let us play D&D on her dining table, back in the day. She made us include his younger brother, but J had a bigger problem with letting him play than I did. I made this for her as a 'get well' gift, including it in a Get Well card. I mailed it yesterday.
From Georgia Seitz's site, color is Red Burst
clover, from mariyas-tatting.blogspot.com color is Leaf Green, light
On my way out the door this morning, I realized the green on my shirt was more teal. So I grabbed the first ball of green thread I found, did a quick search for clover patterns and made this on the way in to work. In my meeting today, I made two more. I need to practice my split chains some more.
Google 'awesome'd' it
On my way into work, I stopped to take this picture. And the Google back up transformed it to a b&w photo.

Tonight is my date with CC. We usually have it the first Tuesday, but I was sick and the second Tuesday she had a meeting. I'm looking forward to it.

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