Thursday, March 26, 2015

Late but not forgotten

Great time with CC. I gave her her Christmas present, a handmade blank journal. She loves that sort of thing. She gave me an afghan knitting loom. It can go up to 60" wide. I'd been thinking about making a shawl,this will spur me on.

My wristlets are making progress (Vine Wristers by Isela Phelps). I'm at the thumb hole. I think my tension is tighter than Ms. Phelps and my hands are larger. Which explains why I need 15 repeats and not 9.

And all done, with a better look at colors. I need to block it and sew it closed with buttons.

Here's the ring I made for a fellow gamer. She needed a distraction, so I told her I would make one for her. I hope it's the right size.

I've been playing with washi tape. This was a nice cardboard box, but plain. It's not plain anymore.

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