Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Happy US Independence Day

to fellow residents in the US. For those who live elsewhere, I hope you had a good early July weekend.

I spent the weekend with friends and had a very laid back weekend. My attempt to get a replacement iPad has failed. I have other places/things to try but it's very frustrating. 

My uses for iPad: take pictures of letters before I send them, so I have a record of what I wrote and what I included; keep to do list; list of books to find; list of things to look up; and check my social networks.

Our dryer is not drying as quickly. Apparently our hose repair was not as effective as we thought. Time to do some more cutting and shifting, perhaps.

Edging report: 34"

Is anyone interested in what books I've read in the past week? I used to do that, with links to the books on Amazon or the author's website.

Someone I knew a long time ago was looking for someone else and found a mention of him on my blog, in a post from 2004. She contacted me to ask me for info about him and I had to tell her I don't remember much. My mom might remember more. I'll ask her. Anyway, I read a few posts from a decade ago and realized I almost never talk about what I'm wearing anymore and rarely talk about what I've been reading.

I found this blog, and the blogger provides mandalas to color. I've started coloring mandalas as a meditation technique. I have my crayon pencils in a bag and I pull them out at random, until the bag is empty. I return them to the bag and continue to draw.

And this blog is about notable women who disappeared from history.

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Jane McLellan said...

Interesting blog about women forgotten by history, thanks for the link.