Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Frost Advisory, really? (and some gaming news)

Yes, we had frost last night. After last week's gorgeous weather, pulling out the heavy coat and scarf was not nearly as fun as you'd think it would be.

Saturday was a picnic to celebrate a friend's birthday. He held it at a park near his house, with a shelter and a grill. It was not a warm and sunny day, but at least it didn't rain. And we still have fun talking and socializing. And no one fell into the creek this time (one of the kids has a tendency).

Sunday was the Pathfinder, Wardens of the Reborn Forge game. Due to some intelligent choices, we skipped a few major combats. CD thinks we might be done with one more session, maybe two. There's less than a half-dozen fights left.

I haven't really been doing much tatting. I did a dangle to hang from a hairstick.
bad picture of the dangle

dangle materials
My news (burying the lead) is I'm on the list to playtest Shadow of the Century. I'm reading through the book. Luckily, I know something about Fate system so I'm not starting from a dead stop. I knew that when I signed up to be a playtester.

Oh, and I've submitted a pitch to have something published in Fate Codex. They put out a submission call for pieces, and I submitted a building block. It's an idea I've had for ages, but never developed. I thought about it as a Pathfinder adventure; just couldn't make it fit.

And there's finally a version (modded) of Grand Theft Auto I like. You follow a deer around the fictional county; up a mountain, through a neighborhood, under water, in a mine, through an airport, etc. There's no player, it's just roaming around. Every so often it teleports somewhere else.

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