Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tri-Tatters meeting etc

Due to scheduling conflicts, Tri-tatters couldn't get our usual meeting room on a weekend. March is apparently really busy. First Saturday is Living History day at Mordecai House. We were one of the demonstrators, along with hearth cooking. I missed the hearth cooking, it was in a different location. Anitra talked to our contact and he let us have our meeting along with our demo, this once.

One of our younger members surprised us by joining us. She's in college in another town and rarely gets a chance to see us. She didn't have her tatting with her so she did some knitting. I completed a bracelet and just as I pulled out materials for my next project, it was time to wrap up. I completely missed eating lunch. I just grazed on strawberries and Katie's delicious baked breadsticks.

My dentist appointment went well. It was my 6-month cleaning. I really hope they come up with an alternative to that metal pick someday. It just grates on my nerves. I showed off my tatting some more and made my next dental appointment.

I worked on my presentation some more. I'm giving it Thursday but it's hard condensing 8 hours of material into 10, interesting, minutes.

A few more letters have arrived in the mail and I need to answer them. I'll admit I haven't been as urgent in my replies since Lettermo ended.

I'm going to see Mom this weekend. I have to pull together 6 wardrobe discards for her.

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