Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What a Storm!

Last Wednesday was my last Employee Forum meeting. It was the retreat so I joined them for lunch and then the committee annual reports. I found two potential successors. They are going to give me an answer before the next Carolina Campus Community Garden meeting. I gave them a rundown on what I've been doing and some ideas for the coming year.

Friday I went to see mom. We went to lunch, at ice cream at Ozzie, hit a thrift shop, and then in the afternoon we toured a couple assisted living facilities. Mom is healthy as a horse but she's having some driving problems. The nearest bus stop is a mile away and she's reluctant to call a taxi. That left her stranded in her apartment, except when friends came to take her lunch, etc. Mom and long-term idleness are not friends. No matter how much you enjoy it, there's only so much tv, reading, and crocheting one person can do without going a little stir crazy.
Persimmon tree outside Ozzie's

Both were smaller establishments. Those are better for forming personal relationships and so the staff are more familiar with the residents and more likely to notice changes. Mom is going to have lunch at one of them on Monday, to see what they're dining is like.

After the second tour, a storm front was moving through so I stayed a little longer to let it pass. I headed home and got caught in the traffic from a nasty (I counted 13 vehicles; cars and at least 1 semi) accident. It looked like an extended fender bender without serious injuries. At least, I certainly hope there weren't any.

Saturday, I ran another session of Tears at Bitter Manor. I tried a new route to get to RW's house. Didn't work. I ended up retracing my steps to take the route I took last time. I was half an hour late. One of the other players, MC, was 'later'. By later, I mean he never got the scheduling emails and had other plans on Saturday. I had printed out a copy of his character, just in case.

RG brought her new puppy. Desi is not old enough to be left alone that long. We ended up getting supper from Tangerine Cafe. RW went to pick it up, as his character was cowering and couldn't act.

We played a little longer than we had planned as a storm bad enough for a weather warning came through. The 1st warning ended at 9:15 so we headed home. Not a good plan. I got thoroughly soaked getting my gaming stuff into my car. It took 3 trips and may I say again how glad my laptop backpack came with a rain cover.

The storm was a frog-strangler, flash-flood kind of storm. I drove far below the speed limit (with my hazard lights flashing) for much of the trip home. Luckily, there was a car or two ahead of me for most of the drive. If they made it through, I figured the road wasn't flooded out and I was safe. There was one short stretch when I didn't have someone to follow. And one short stretch without power, and that included two stoplights, but no cross traffic; which is good because I couldn't see the stoplights until I was passing through the intersection. There was only once a passing car's splash obscured my windshield. And only once when the water was deep enough for me to be concerned.

Not sure how visible it is, but my hair is very wet
I finally got home and promptly hung up my clothes to dry out. Sunday, I took my time getting up and about. Ion channel marathons Leverage on Sundays and they played the last episode and the 1st episode back to back.

CD and I went to City Barbecue again for lunch and then to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book they had on hold for me. Not surprising, I bought a couple other books, too. Since I was there and all.

I finished a cross from Anitra's book and that's it. I am pinning out the snowflakes I've gotten done so I can photograph them and send the pictures to her.

Mom said she enjoyed lunch at one of the facilities on Sunday. They invited her to come try the food. I really want to talk to mom's doctor.

Oh, and through tomorrow, there's a contest to win supplies for a bullet journal. If you enter, I get another entry. Here's the link: https://prpage.co/EKN/%2B39261/ .

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