Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where Did My Weekend Go?

Okay, Saturday was 'put load of clothes in dryer' and then cough. I did nothing else productive, at least in part because my body has been telling me to rest and a serious cough is an indication I take seriously.

Sunday was errands and meeting my friend's new puppy. I'm not sure how to spell the puppy's name, but her nickname is Dezi, which I'm not sure how to spell either. She's just over 4 pounds of black and white Alaskan Klee Kai and very cute.

I'm on the 3rd snowflake of Anitra's book. As a change, I did this one in a variegated green (Christmas green mix) and Lizbeth fruit fizz. It makes a very floral snowflake. Sorry for the size of the linked images. You'd get a better look by going to Handy Hands website and look up the thread colors in the Lizbeth thread.

I'm still working on Mom's living arrangements. I have high hopes of fast progress that will make her happy and be better for her.

If anyone says drugs and songs are a new thing, at best they're mistaken. At worst, they LIE. This particular song was sung by Cab Calloway.

storm clouds

crepe myrtle in bloom

1st page of birthday coloring book

 Saturday is another session of Tears at Bitter Manor. I'm only prepping part of it. Hopefully they won't get farther than that.

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