Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I survived

Mom's apartment is now vacant. She had two bedrooms, each with a walk in closet of clothes, plus a free standing rack of clothes, and a small coat closet. Since my mom stopped wearing uniforms, she became a bit of a clothes horse. CC, Mom, and I culled her wardrobe, but more still needs to be done. I am not sure all of her clothes will fit into her closet, plus drawers, plus glass front cabinet (for sweaters and such, so they are protected but visible. Drawers are for things she doesn't need to keep an eye on to remember, ie underwear and socks.

CD came and helped me move big stuff, like her couch to Goodwill, and her two glass front shelves and sewing table to her new room. Plus, a small set of metal shelves (which she's using to hold and display her scarves in her bedroom) and a rolling chair (for her sewing table). He also helped me take stuff to the dumpster, along with JJ. We left about 11 pm Sunday, exhausted. I'm still aching a bit. CC helped me on Saturday to pack stuff to deliver to Goodwill. Yesterday, I took the last load to the local one.

 I'm aching now. Plus, my already sore knee really hates me. At least it waited until Monday to start screaming at me.

Instead of spending the day demonstrating tatting at Oakview Historic Park, and finishing my projects, I was clearing mom's apartment. That's delayed things for me. I still have stuff to do before Saturday.

I'll post pictures after the State Fair starts. I may not get my 3rd project finished.

Tonight is my date with CC, so I'll return her dolly and a couple things she loaned me. She had to be home on Sunday to do her Fair prep.

Last night, I finally got enough sleep. I've been stressing about mom's apartment since August. And it's gotten worse as the end of the lease approached. I found multiple cases of purchases that I think were there because she remembered she needed something, but not that she already had it. For example, a red blouse.

Here, have a semi-amusing article about a crow stealing evidence from a crime scene.

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