Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Almost Fair Time

First, yes, I survived Matthew just fine. I'm far enough inland and uphill that flooding wasn't much of concern for me. We lost power, but very briefly. It was long enough for everything to need to be reset and rebooted, but that's all.

Last Thursday was our Deadlands game. The last one was cancelled and I missed the one before that (Palmetto Tat Days). They caught me up on what had happened while I was out and then we handled what my character had been doing while she was separated. The son of one of the players came again so he got the same NPC and he went with my character. Our characters are reunited and after months of play time we've gotten past that one day of game time (June 16, 1879).

Friday afternoon, I went for my mammogram. Ouch. Apparently, I have 'dense flesh.' Part of that genetics so I need to tell mom that I blame her for my pain on Friday. 

Friday night, we took JJ out for his birthday at Kanki. His birthday was Saturday but with Matthew coming, we went to supper on Friday instead. It was a good idea. We had a nice time and JJ was interested in the books we got him (1st three of Theirs Not to Reason Why). He's reading the later written prequel already.

I was going to go take my entries to the Fair on Saturday but decided I could wait. And since I spent last weekend emptying mom's apartment, I didn't get the time to prep to run Tears at Bitter Manor on Sunday so I cancelled. I took my entries to the Fair on Sunday, just before 5 pm. I got one of them in but not the other so I had to go back Monday. I called my boss and got the okay to go to work late on Monday to get it done. Traffic to Raleigh is very bad in the mornings; I'm glad that's not my commute.

It's much cooler this week and I pulled out the hand knit shawl I got from Autumn Breeze Designs. Yesterday it was enough, today I added a jacket. Yes, I know that post I linked to is old; she's still around and selling her yarns, patterns, etc.

At least the post-hurricane weather is very pretty. It's clear and chillier, so maybe the ground will have a chance to dry before the fair. 

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