Friday, October 28, 2016

Oops, I forgot

In my defense, it's fair season, plus I have 2 birthdays to celebrate, and Halloween to prep. I get a little crazy this time of year.

In addition, I made medical appointments I've been putting off while I took care of mom. Good news, my knee issue is not anything major. I just need to see a sports injury expert to set up some physical therapy and up my dose of OTC painkillers to keep the inflammation down. I also had my mammogram. And follow-up mammogram (thanks, mom, for the dense, hard to read tissue; OTOH, I'm staying pretty perky into middle age).

I still need to make my next tooth issue appointment. But that's going to wait until Monday.

I've started keeping a bullet journal and I bought a pen pocket. I got tired of digging for a pen every time I wanted to note something. Plus, I got a set of colored pens, so I can color code stuff. I've taken pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet.

I still don't have pictures of my entries yet. I'll take some at the Tri-tatters meeting tomorrow.

I do have pictures of some of the other entries. Having a bum knee cut my tour of the Fair early. I didn't look at the entries as much as I usually do.
I like what she did

She does such lovely doilies

definitely blue ribbon material

You can barely see Carolyn's edging

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