Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's Been Hot

Last Wednesday was the garden meeting at 8 am. I'm parking somewhere new, thanks to my Park and Ride lot's policy changes (only park 6 am - 6 pm). I was earlier than I needed to be because I was so worried about being late. Most of the advisory board was early, in fact. A couple of the new folks from the Employee Forum made it.

In the afternoon, I had to take a refresher course for work. I found out I needed it the Monday prior. Kind of short notice but there were two locations that were close to me and I took the earlier one.

I'm in a couple games on Storium. One is a superhero game and one is a 7th Sea game. The superhero is based on my Dresden Files sailor. She's a bit unusual because she's a lot older than she looks, because for a time she sailed with the Flying Dutchman.

I went to see Mom on Saturday. It was a grossly hot, so mostly we just hung out. We did go out to eat and hit a thrift shop. Mom found a couple pairs of slacks. However, her phone charger has disappeared. Her phone is dead, now, so I can't even call her.

I had ordered some blouses from Zulily and they arrived Friday and Saturday. One had sleeves that were too small, alas. It's a real shame because it's a cold shoulder one and I really want one.

 But the others fit and look lovely. There's one dress length, one wintry one, two tunic length, and one very thin, white one; I'll need a chemise with that one.  On Monday, I contacted Zulily to see how to return the blouse. Yvette, who talked to me, was lovely. She did everything reasonable (find a larger size, etc) as well as being sympathetic and commiserating with me. She did not do backflips through fiery hoops, but since I wasn't expecting that, I'm very happy with their service.

Palmetto contacted me about being a teacher's aide for two of my classes. I love doing that. I get to do the projects early and I get to help people! <3 a="" and="" at="" by="" couple="" craft="" for="" i="" items="" mom.="" nbsp="" needed="" notecards="" p="" picked="" projects.="" some="" store="" the="" up="" went="" while="" yarn="">
I had to walk to a lunch meeting today. With the recent hot weather, I was dreading it. However, the temp was only around 90 and it felt comparatively cool. If I had been sitting in the shade, with a bit of breeze, I would have been quite comfortable.
the bracelet I mentioned last week

packing string kumihimo
pollinators pollinating
 growing pepper

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