Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On Time This Week

A bit of a struggle this weekend. I managed to get some laundry done on Saturday but not much else. I went with CD as he ran errands and I started some kumihimo. I desparately needed a creative outlet but tatting and loom knitting required too much brain power. And I had been wanting to try a kumihimo pattern. However, I used the satin rattail I've used before, but before it was an 8-strand pattern and this one on Sunday was a 16-strand. It turned out a liiiiittle larger than I expected.

Pencil is for size comparison
Mom bought me some cords at the thrift shop. There are a couple leather cords so I made another one. Since my colors were limited (2 short strands, in separate colors, and 2 longer colors), I went to a webpage that helps me plan it. I ended up using all but part of 1 color. I ended up with 3 colors making a spiral stripe against the background of the 4th color.

Tomorrow is the Employee Forum retreat. I plan to have some tatting ready, to work on as fidget work. I have to work on that now.

Although I also finally blocked my stitch gauge swatch. Now I need to measure it to calculate my stitches.

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