Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Two Weeks in a Row

I've actually posted on Tuesday, two weeks in a row. Yay me.

Wednesday was an all day retreat for work. I got some tatting done during the meetings; as usual it's my fidget-y habit. I got a bracelet done. It's in green and white thread with dark green beads. I've blocked it but not taken a picture yet.

I've also done some kumihimo with some faux leather cord mom picked up at a thrift shop. There's also some hemp cord. I've been looking at the cord but haven't decided which colors to use or pattern. There's at least 2 or 3 sizes of hemp thread. So I turned to some cotton cord. It's not fancy but it still looks nice; hey, I'm using packing string but you'd be surprised how well it turns out.

I was supposed to go see Mom this weekend, but the storms or something gave me a headache. I didn't get much done. Ditto Sunday. I got laundry done, at least.

I'm going to try and go see Mom this weekend instead. I'd really like to take care of her car, but it's 'someone to drive me there, help me jumpstart it, and then follow me home.' And that's not easy.

CD had to miss a couple classes last week. One of his tires went flat and his spare was low. So it was off to the shop to get the tire replaced. At least the spare was only low and didn't need to be replaced, too. On the other hand, the zipper of the cover for the spare tire had more or less welded or something. He had to cut it off. He had to buy a new cover. He got one that uses elastic instead. Maybe it will last better. The zipper only lasted like 10 years.

Yesterday, there was a frog drowner as I waited for the bus. It started raining as I left work and came down hard as I waited. It was still raining when I got off the bus, but not as hard. Today, the exact same thing happened, but it only spitting when I got off the bus today. At least I had my emergency umbrella. One poor woman yesterday did not have an umbrella and she was wearing a white shirt. Another woman was wearing white pants. I heard her wringing out her summer sweater, and I heard splashing. Poor woman. 

I do have some pictures. So, are thistles edible?
More plants (tomatoes and peppers and herbs and some big-leaf plant)

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