Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I forgot the neatest thing about Saturday's NC Game Day. They had a raffle and you bought tickets & put your tickets in the bag for whatever you wanted a chance to get. I put my tickets in for Draconomicon and for Beyond Good & Evil for the XBox. I won the game! Isn't that faboo. I squealed & bounced when I won. A guy I know, Jason (who btw is really cute & if I weren't monogamous & he wasn't married....), also wanted it & said that he was mildly consoled by the thought of my squeal & bounce reaction.

I made it home at 6:30 last night & Chris was actually home before I was. Both of us were really tired so we ordered pizza. Mom called while we were eating, she had a question about 1880's San Francisco. I was able to answer part of it but I need to look up some references to find the rest. We talked for about an hour. She liked the letter/card that I sent. I had to explain what Monster House was though. I had written to her about the episode that Richard taped for Chris & me.

Chris & I watched cartoons last night. We watched Legend of Tarzan, Fillmore, & Weekenders. I missed most of Fillmore & Weekenders because I was talking to Mom.

Errands to do tonight: pay storage, buy sympathy card for Aunt Martha, buy zinc lozenges & I know I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what. Hopefully I'll remember it by this evening.

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