Friday, February 06, 2004

I was so miserable at 9 am that all I wanted to do was to leave work early. But first I had to take care of HR stuff & then do accounting stuff. I finished the accounting stuff at 4pm. Now, I realize that I feel human & have for a little while now. My throat doesn't hurt, much, & I can breathe through my nose.

I sent out the sympathy card to my Great-Aunt Martha today. She might get it as early as tomorrow. When I talked to Mom last night, to get Aunt Martha's address, Mom said that she had just received her card & I sent that Wednesday.

Tomorrow Chris & I are hosting an RPGA:Living Greyhawk game. It's a special mission for Just Phelps to regain his human species & regain his place among the Knights of the Watch. He was Watcher Phelps, so when he lost his place, temporarily, he became known as Just Phelps. I'm not playing, it's APL 10 & my character is only 7th level. I have other characters, but they are even lower.

Sunday is Rosemary's Forgotten Realms game. That should be entertaining. We've all gone shopping for new goodies & now we start the next module. We won't get experience from this one until the very end. We may jump a couple levels when that happens.

I've written a letter to my Aunt Jeri & Uncle Warren, in Illinois. I finished it too late for it to go into today's mail, so I'll send it tomorrow.

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