Monday, February 09, 2004

I mailed the letter to my aunt & uncle. I used my last check Friday so I need to either get a money order or withdraw the cash & get someone to write me a check for my car insurance. Could be important.

Rosemary bought Arms & Equipment Guide for D&D so I have to find something else to get her for her birthday. I have no ideas. Candles & potpourri are out because of her pets, ditto most houseplants. Cross stitch supplies are not viable because her dog Duncan, won't let her crossstitch anymore. He sits in her lap when she tries & she can't get any done.

We did not get much done in Sunday's game because we sat around having too much fun talking & joking. Mike's character Dratsab is a great favorite with the chambermaids at the Old Skull Inn. He was throwing money around while the elf went to check on his home & the rest of the characters collected our pay. Joe was two hours late (he warned us that he would be) and we had not even left town yet. Although we were on the verge of doing so. We played from just after two until just after six. Then we scattered to our various suppers.

I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done. I finished my white load on Saturday & did my load of blacks & red on Sunday. The rest of the dark colors are in the washing machine today. I need to put them in the dryer when I get home.

I did not get any writing done, or tatting. I read. I still haven't played any of my game. Maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Chris & I watched Operation Petticoat. Apparently, this kid named Bernie Schwartz saw Cary Grant in Destination: Tokyo & vowed to become an actor & be in a sub movie with him. As it happened, that kid changed his name to Tony Curtis & he & Cary co-starred in Operation Petticoat. It's a funny movie. It's been awhile since I'd seen it so I'd forgotten portions of it.

It's another cold, frost-covered morning. I had to scrape my windshield. It's odd, Saturday at noon was warm & comfortable. I had to roll my windows down while I fetched lunch so my car wouldn't be unbearable hot when I got back into it. By 3 pm it had gotten cold & windy. The weather changed from nice & spring-like to another burst of winter.

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