Thursday, March 18, 2004

Dark red/crimson turtleneck, navy wool vest, pocket watch in 1 vest pocket & work key on other end of chain in another vest pocket, navy slacks, brown boots, Jamestown Colonial National park pin, brown belt, dragon pendant, dragon (Welsh) earrings, 2 of my 3 dragon rings, spoon ring & simple twined band, my hair in the same style as yesterday but with different sticks. Same source but these are wood with pierced, ~twisted carving in the ends. That's my clothes for the day, anyway.

Met Allen, Metra & a friend when going to lunch. Ended up sitting there & talking the entire time. Good thing I'd already eaten. Drank about 8 glasses of water. Now I need to go get some exercise. 15 minutes Monday & Tuesday, 20 minutes yesterday. I need at least 15 minutes today.

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