Thursday, March 25, 2004

I'm almost caught up. But I still have a lot to do.

Today's outfit: same brown half-boots & same brown belt, different navy slacks, navy scoop neck knit shirt, brown shirt with open neck trimmed in geometrically embroidered ribbon (I made the shirt), braided hair by blue elastic, silver band with 4 greenish pieces of turquoise, silver spoon ring engraved with an 'M', 3 ages of woman pendant & turquoise & coral earrings. The brown shirt is long & I'm wearing it out so it covers me to my hips.

I finished the 2nd book of the The Seven Brothers by Curt Benjamin yesterday. The first book was The Prince of Shadows, 2nd one is The Prince of Dreams & the 3rd will be The Gates of Heaven. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Alas, it will not be soon. I thought that the protagonist, Llesho would find one brother in each book but he's already found 4 of his 6 brothers. Of course, although he thinks his sister Ping is dead I'm pretty certain that she's actually alive. I do wonder what happened to their mother, though.

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