Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Mental note: at cons make certain to drink lots of water. Or I will, again, regret the aftereffects. I called in sick to work yesterday. Not because I felt awful but because I thought it would be difficult to get work done between hour-long bathroom trips. So I stayed home, watched tv, read, did laundry & cleaned up the kitchen a little. Plus, I moved stuff from the coffee table to the dining room table in prep for last night's gaming & I cooked chili for supper.

I did have lots of fun on Saturday. I was very tired by the end, but that's to be expected. I saw Bob again. I met him in the con suite at SheVaCon & here he was in the con suite at Stellar Con. I keep feeling that he's a guest & that I should know who he is. I 'met' Timothy Zahn & complimented him on his work. As he said, 'all authors enjoy that. It helps to make up for the months at a time isolated in our offices.'

Lots to do today to catch up from yesterday, so must get working.

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