Friday, September 22, 2006

Car Free Day and as usual for me, I took the bus to work. I managed to catch it this morning. Good for me, right?

Tatting News I'm 3/4 through that Konior cross. I would be farther but I had to retro-tat an entire chain last night. And I've just noticed that I've tatted about 2 rings & a chain too far. *sigh*

today's outfit: light grey Dendarii Mercenaries covert ops polo, black jeans, black ~trouser socks (these are only ankle-high, thicker & have flowers woven into the texture), black tassel loafers (the brown ones are the ones that disintegrated), moonstone earrings & ring, trimoon moonstone pendant, fem-power ring (female figure) & my hair was braided but I unbraided it after lunch.

Today has been a good day considering it started out as a morning after. What's really sad is that I didn't have a night before. We just played Mutants & Masterminds (rescued my character's homeland from an unscrupulous archealogist). I had no alcohol, just water & diet soda.

Since I get 10 minutes of walking, before & after work all I have to do is get an extra 10 minutes somewhere during the day to get 30 minutes. I managed to do that at lunch today. Yay me.

Books: I just finished Kick @$$, an anthology. Speaking of which, what happened to my ability to underline? I really enjoyed all 4 stories. I wasn't certain about Jacey Ford but her story grew on me & I'm glad that I read it.

Now I've started Death Waxed Over, a mystery by Tim Myers. It's the 3rd in the Candle Shop mysteries. I rather like them.

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