Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Woohoo! First really cool day since May. It really feels like autumn approaches now.

Tatting Projects
I finished the cross for the family reunion door prize (I'd like to know where the button to upload photos disappeared to). I've resumed work on a UFO, the button bag from Palmetto Tat Days. I've emailed Karey with a question so it's stalled again. In the meantime, I'm using the thread left on the shuttles to do a burgundy cross, one of Mary Konior's this time. Problem: I tried to make an alteration in the pattern to reduce ends & screwed it up. So I'll be cutting some off & then resuming tatting.

I finished & mailed the two bookmarks for the bookmark exchange. Wally should get hers by Monday (I think) but I'm not certain when Lynn will get hers. Wally's in Puerto Rico & Lynn is in Hong Kong.

Today's Outfit: burgundy, sleeveless, v-neck t-shirt (neck edged in double row of single seed beads); burgundy crocheted, long-sleeved sweater; black slacks; black, flat shoes (the cloth ones with sequins & beads); black tatted earrings & necklace, with beads; black & red stone rings & hair in a ponytail, mostly for the sake of not getting it caught in my messenger bag strap.

Books: I read Gunpowder Green yesterday. It's part of tea-themed mystery series set in Charleston, SC. I also read volume 8 of Rurouni Kenshin. Today, I'll read volume 9.

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