Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay, either the bus has been running late all week or it was definitely early this morning. Result? I missed it. Since I had a spare 20-30 minutes before the next one, I decided to walk to the next bus stop. By the way, people notice if you aren't at your regular stop. At least two people, one of whom is a 'bus acquaintance' asked me about it. Since the next stop was only 7 minutes away I was going to walk to the one after that but when the sidewalk crossed the road (ie instead of on both sides of the road it was only on 1), I decided to turn back. Turns out the next stop is at the shopping center. Now I know.

Today's Tatting: I screwed up the Mary Konior cross. I tried 'adjust' it to eliminate the thread ends & ended up with something very odd. It will take some examination to fix & since I'm on a little time crunch, I put it aside & started over. I'm still waiting for Karey to reply to my question about my UFO. Hey, some people don't check their email every, single, day.

today's outfit: plaited hair (black elastic); dark green Geoff polo, black jeans, black trouser socks (it's cool enough), black fabric flats (as yesterday), black stone ring & my one really good set of jewelry. The emerald & gold earring/necklace set that Chris gave me. Okay, the emeralds are really small; but they are visible.

Looks like I'll be working on Saturday. It will be overtime at least. I need to clean up my office/desk area and face it, during the week there are too many interruptions.

I finished cards to all of my maternal aunts, I need to address envelopes & mail them. My problem is that I have the wrong address for one, since her last card bounced. I need to fix it before I mail the next one (enclosing the bounced one).

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