Friday, November 30, 2007

Party this evening! My boyfriend's company Holiday party is this evening. Unlike in past years, they are having it after work (instead of 0n a Saturday) & it's going to be hors-d-oeurves instead a meal. There probably won't even be a bar. However, and this is the part that I'm looking forward to, it will be at the NC Museum of History. You know, the one with the Roanoke Exhibit, involving material from the British History Museum. Many of which have not seen North American soil since the 16th century. Yeah, that museum. So I wore my holiday vest today, since it's a holiday party.

books: I started reading the 3rd Sisters Grimm book.

tatting: I'm on the 5th point of the white/silver snowflake. Too bad I've no thread left on the shuttle. I'll have to reload it to finish the 5th point & to do the 6th one. I found some variegated green to do Jane's tree. It's 4-ply so I will have to separate it 1st. I might have time during the bus ride this evening.

Gaming: We started a new story arc in Mutants and Masterminds last night. I'm not sure where this one is going. It might be a short one. We got started late (Chris & Rosemary were late due to an accident blocking their route) so we had to stop in mid-battle. Chris's character, Wraith, is missing two of his duplicates but that's part of the next story arc. Last night we were fighting Crimson Katana, the woman (3rd generation) who wields the wakizashi made from the skull of the Human Tank (her grandfather forged the blade after killing The Human Tank). The previous Lady Celtic (Rosemary's character is the current one) was married to the Human Tank so she is really upset about that blade. A bunch of ninjas, some samurai type and a mage have joined the fight & it suddenly looks like Crimson Katana wasn't the bad guy, until someone or something took possession of her. Guess we'll find out during the next game session.

clothes: black ~slippers & socks & slacks, same black belt & silver clip watch, dark green turtleneck, holiday vest, moss agate bead bracelet, onyx ring (black stone at least), floral band, hematite band, emerald & gold earrings & pendant, and braided hair. Holiday vest: It's a bolero vest that I made years ago with silk ribbon embroidery & beads (poinsettias & mistletoe) on tone on tone white mistletoe calico, reversible with green marked with tiny gold dots.

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