Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lettermo and boots

Lettermo is well underway. I've already gotten three letters and sent out about 10. And those are just letters to family and replies. I have a list of new people to write, too.

My ankle high boots, developed a hole in the insole, right under my heel. That's incredibly uncomfortable, so I bought gel insoles. They are quite comfortable and I think they make me about a quarter inch taller. At my height, with the low heel on the boot, that's important.

I've been watching Agent Carter tv show and enjoying it immensely. (link is to a great blog post about reasons to love the show)

We're behind on Sleepy Hollow but we're catching up. I do enjoy the historical namedropping; it's just so entertaining.

I've made a couple heart bookmarks, using that earlier heart pattern. I used the cord idea from Kersti, of using a lockchain. Then I ended it with a simple clover, with or without a tassel.
color: Scottish Thistle

color: Red Burst

I've been having problem finding stationery. I finally bought a pad of decent quality paper and some washi tape. Voila, instant stationery, as many pages as I need. Right now, I'm using old calendar pages with white address stickers for envelopes.


Karen said...

What is the heart size? Very nice bookmarks.

Sewicked said...

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I had to make another heart to measure it. The heart, in size 20, is about the size of a U.S. quarter.