Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Day

Work isn't opening until 10 am today, due to dangerously icy roads. It started snowing at 6 am yesterday morning, so roads were slick. Some people worked from home as a result. By the time I headed home in the afternoon, roads were wet and slushy. I headed home early because I knew, once the temperatures dropped, I did not want to be out.
I'm working on the baby booties but I have to open a ring. Here's a picture (before things went wrong).
 Last Friday was very cold, so this was the outer wear I wore. From left to right, my really long scarf, hat and earband, fleece mittens, gloves, and then my really warm coat.
I had three things in the mailbox on Monday. I got a letter back...ripped in half. I need to print out what I wrote and send it out again. A friend in New York sent me some of her basil oversupply. I also got Night Time drops from Smith Brothers.

I went looking last week and no one could find it to order it for me. I checked the Smith Brothers website and finally contacted customer service. She broke the news to me they had changed the formula, no more melatonin. I expressed my disappointment and she offered to look for any leftover samples. Guess what arrived! She found four packages from a display in the warehouse and sent them to me. Great customer service from Smith Brothers.

Dad got a letter from his sister, she had a box from one of Grandmother's sister. Inside were some letters from Grandma, one of which concerned a visit to us and mentioned me as a little girl. I think he plans to send me a copies.

Due to weather, our GM has cancelled our game tomorrow. Plans are still on for R's birthday supper. We tried to meet last week, but the weather and roads were too bad. We had our game on Sunday and it went pretty well. We got started late but had fun.

From C (after watching a crime procedural): 'It's blunt force trauma, maybe, I'm your CI, so call me, baby.'

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