Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Outfit update: same black boots; leggings (it's cold, 34F this morning); black cotton gauze skirt with handkerchief point hem; black turtleneck; bolero vest in white on white calico in a holly pattern with silk ribbon embroidery; a row of poinsettias on the left & a bunch of mistletoe on the right; and for jewelry it's black onyx band, silver band with flowers, silver 2 strand braid ring, delicate silver chain bracelet, silver pendant in the shape of 3 women standing in a wreath (one is young, one is pregnant & one is old), & silver earrings of 3 narrow bands of graduated sizes hanging from french hooks. My hair is in a braid because I didn't feel like doing anything else to it. Over that I have a black sweater for when I go outside. I'm wearing my polar fleece cape again. That plus a scarf & the burgundy velour gloves my sister-in-law gave me 2 years ago & I'm set for the moderately cold weather.

I ate at Top of Lenoir today. That's the pay one price & it's all you can or care to eat. I shared a table with a junior transfer named Lenore Hall. She jokes that her younger brother is named Chase Hall. We had a nice conversation. I gave her my email address so if she wants to share lunch again we can look into it.

Last night's game was almost entirely combat. We were trying to take out the army's leadership. We hit what we think is the command tent with about 4 fireballs plus an icestorm. That killed an ettin & 4 giants. That left 1 ettin & 1 frost giant. We killed the ettin first but didn't know about the giant until it attacked with improved invisibility. Luckily, Rosemary's bard/paladin had a wand of glitterdust. The giant wasn't blinded but he was visible. Then, the dwarf got flanked & attacked by 2 drow elves. That was the last thing done 'cause it was getting late. There's currently a sleet storm hitting the command tent, preventing them (there are 2 people still there) from seeing us to cast any spells. But it will only last 3 more rounds.

The Ragu spaghetti sauce/sloppy joe was a grave disappointment. Adding some herbs & a red pepper does not transform spaghetti sauce to sloppy joe mix. It irritated more than just a little. *snarl*

I re-read most of Domes of Fire yesterday. Today I've been reading Trust Me.

Work has been busy, lots to do. I'm also trying to type up the notes from Chris's game. There are a lot of them. Back to that then, maybe I can get another session's worth done before I head home.

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