Wednesday, December 10, 2003

This will be quick I have to catch the bus soon.

My boss let me go at 2pm on Monday so that I could drive to Saturn in Raleigh to get an estimate for my car repairs. Turns out, Saturn in Raleigh doesn't do body work, they refer such jobs to Tyree's. Tyree's is also on Capitol Blvd but in Wake Forest, according to Mapquest. So I called them & got directions & got a set from Mapquest, just in case. I followed their set first. They are good directions, too bad their sign was backlit by the setting sun so I couldn't see it. I drove down that same 2 mile stretch 4 times all told. I drove down, went 'hmm, too far' & turned back. Didn't see it, if I'd gone another half mile I would have, so I decide to go north a little farther. I'm pulling into the left lane as a funeral cortege is going by in the right lane. When we came to the light & it changed to red. I stopped. They had police escort & kept going. I saw the entire thing go by. It was huge. I still haven't learned who they were burying.

I finally found the place & got the estimate. I headed home about 4pm. Chris had asked me to call him & let him know when I was leaving so he'd know to be worried if I wasn't home. My cell phone connected to him & then the power cut off. Not enough juice in the battery I guess. The nice men at the shop let me use their phone. Then Chris laughed at my because my accent was very thick, it always is when I'm dealing with mechanics. I'm not certain why.

We progressed a little further in the adventure. We're almost to the combat. We'll see if we get to use the heat exhaustioin rules or not, next time. Chris had everyone laughing their heads off. And Rosemary & Chris brought up, again, the possibility of me running Legend of the 5 Rings for them. They got this idea after I'd gone to sleep Saturday night. Don't ask me why or how, I don't know.

Yesterday, Chris took a half day to take his car to the dealership in Burlington. That's where he gets his work done. oops gotta go.

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