Tuesday, December 09, 2003

So I went to two of the three parties I (& Chris) was invited to on Saturday. I might have been able to make all three because they ranged from Noon - 4, 3pm - 7pm & 7pm- Midnight, however the one starting at 3 was in Durham & the other two were in Raleigh. The first one was Rosemary's annual cookie party. It's a show up when you want & leave when you feel like it & in between decorate sugar cookie cut-outs, bake & eat them. We also opened some presents. I gave Rosemary's mom a small tatted cross in burgundy & Laurie a small burgundy tatted Christmas tree. I gave bang-rocks & a balsa airplane to Julia. David got a gift certificate from Chris, Rosemary & I. I gave Chris his AD&D 3.5 Kalamar book for infiltrators & Basiran dancers plus a copy of the Charlies Angels: Full Throttle DVD. I gave Rosemary a copy of the original Raggedy Anne & Andy stories plus a Harlequin & Poison Ivy t-shirt.

We drank mulled cider and soda. I drank only a sip of the mulled mead, to taste it. It was yummy. Then once that party ended, we watched Chris's movie until it was time for the 7pm party. That was the Misys Healthcare Systems office party. It was at the Marriott near Crabtree Mall. We all got gussied up. I even wore heels & make up. I was finally able to wear that triangle of 'gems' necklace that I bought 2 years ago. My neck was small enough. One of the Chris & Rosemary's co-workers took our picture. Too bad my eyes were closed. That will take some Adobe to fix. The food was fabulous. We were later than usual & didn't arrive until quarter of eight. As a result there were no tables in the main seating area. A hostess directed us to the dessert room, where there were half a dozen tables. About 10 minutes after we sat down, the band in the main room started to play. We were profoundly thankful to be in the dessert & coffee bar room. The music was at a bearable level & we were able to converse without shouting. As a result we stayed later than usual. We did not leave until 10pm. We all over ate but the food was just so good. I was designated driver so I did not get any alcohol. Oh well, I will next year.

When we got back to Rosemary's, we stayed there overnight, I went straight to bed. The next morning we ate breakfast at IHOP. Their stuffed crepes are fantastic. I had the ham & swiss & the pumpkin pancakes. What a wonderful breakfast. Is it any surprise that I gained 2 pounds this past week. Oh well.

Sunday we played Rosemary's Forgotten Realms game. Since she had the day off, we started earlier & finished the second level. Richard couldn't make it so his character did not level. Everyone else did. So Amber is now a (Drow 1)Fighter 1/ Cleric of Ellistraee 1. I did the update Sunday & last night.

Last night, after I finally found the body shop, I'll post that story later, & got home I completely forgot to do laundry. Oh well. Tonight then. I also forgot to pay the storage fee. Eeep.

I'll finish posting the update of my life events tomorrow. I hope.

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