Friday, December 05, 2003

Well, this is another quickie update. The bi-weekly C&S/D&D hybrid game went almost as usual. Lots of talking & planning but this time we ended up going with the plan I liked the best & it being successful. We tried to talk our way in as pilgrims, as a foreign knight & his squire & finally we just snuck in to find the info/person we wanted. Wheee.

Alyssa & Christopher gave out presents to the gaming group. Everyone got a plant (I'm not sure what kind) and a cedar box. I brought the plant to work & put it next to my other one. We'll see how it responds to artificial light.

Chris & I ate Thanksgiving leftovers for supper Wednesday night before gaming. I love his mom's gravy, it has lots of stuff in it. It was quick, too.

Yesterday & last night's weather was pretty foul. It never reached higher than 35F and it rained most of the day. There was sleet coming down Wednesday night but it didn't last long & it didn't accumulate. I was pretty worried that we'd have another bout of inclement & dangerous weather; it was the anniversary of the storm last year. It was all for nothing. It never got below 34F last night so we just got rain.

This morning I made certain to check the news to check road conditions, wet but not icy. It was sort of a relief. I had taken the unread newspapers home to read them today, just in case I couldn't make it to work.

I did make the trip to pick up Mike's, from gaming, present. I saw Dan & Michael, he who was once Hairboy. I wasn't certain I was going to do so considering last night's weather, until I got a good look at it.

Clothes update: Wednesday, red turtleneck with a green bolero vest (variegated in stripes with tiny gold dots, reversable side of Tuesday's vest), narrow black skirt just below knee length, same black boots, leggins, and Celtic knot jewelry. Hair braided again, but loosely.
Thursday's outfit was a bright pink turtleneck with barely visible violet stripe, denim jumper that buttons down the front, same boots & leggings, turquoise & coral earrings, turquoise chips set in silver ring, mother of pearl moon & star pendant & hair tightly braided with a couple blue clips to tidy up loose strands in front.
Todays clothing is another red turtleneck, same vest with the ribbon embroidery side out, same narrower black skirt, same boots & black leggings, onyx ring, carnelian ring, knotwork ring, female figure ring, tiny Celtic knotwork dangling earrings, & knotwork pendant. I took a shower/bath & washed my hair last night. It is still a trifle damp so I'm wearing it loose.

My student assistant isn't coming in today so I'm doing the meal plan reports. I'm taking a break from the really annoying one. Time to go back to it. It's the next to last one. Yay.

I'm sorry that this jumps all over the place & is borderline incoherent. Maybe I'll do better later.

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